360 care eases out the tasks for consultants thus doctors spend more time with patients and able to consult more patients in a given time.

360care is build with the following objective

For better patient care

Reducing the hospital operating costs

Provide report on demand to management for better decision making

Better co-ordination among the different departments.

Provide top management a single point of control.

Module Highlights

  1. OP Management
  2. New Patient Registration
  3. Exisiting Patient Access
  4. Doctor Assigment-Auto and Manual
  5. Finger Print Registration/Finger print Search
  6. Automatic Bill Assignment based on the need
  7. Patient Status Dashboard
  8. Option to upload the patient report

Automatic Doctor Assignment in reception

It helps in Receptions and OP to allocate the doctor for patient based on the current que , last consulting details of patient, alignment and doctor specialities

Finger Print Search

When patient visit the hospital for the second time, rather than having the physical card, patient can place his finger print to retrieve his data in reception to allocate the doctor

Alerts and Cure Percentage 

Doctors can mark the cure percentage for each symptom based on every visit of the patient so that top management can access the cure level and also it helps the doctor to provide better care to the patient.

Suggestion for Doctors based on hospital Best practice

Hospital can feed the best use cases of medicine for every alignment based on it level, patient age, symptoms and other factors. Based on these feed doctors will be suggested with medicine if required.

Reminder Calendar for Nurse and Doctors

Nurse can have the access to the calendar reminders of Appointments.Doctors will have the calendar reminders of patient follow-up.Patient will be reminded automatically for their next visit/ follow-up

Doctors Performance Monitoring

No of patient Consulted, their cure level, revenue generated

Patient Average Wait time in hospitals

Helps to improve the process in every department. Patient average wait time is calculated based on the time he logged in reception and completes the flow

Video Consulting/Text chat with patient

Doctors can consult with their patient through video consulting on demand and he can also chat with patient on demand to provide the better care.